Fitness Moves At Forty

The minute one hits forty years old, he begins to rethink his life. There is something about this age that makes people look for the real meaning of life. The thought of having been given another chance to do things right cannot be stronger than when one begins to see the signs of getting old. A change of lifestyle and fitness awareness come into mind and a promise of healthy living become an everyday resolution –

To man’s detriment, more often than not, it is only when backs hurt, knees shake and blood pressures rise, that people start to take care of themselves. Changing their meal plans and regular workouts are now their new priorities. Everything else becomes secondary to being fit again.

The body undergoes several changes as it ages and these come through physical deterioration of its different parts and functions. When age comes knocking with all its pains and discomfort, it is only natural to wish to be young again. It is during youth that one feels strongest and healthiest.

The same principles of health dominate life. Eating right and a daily exercise routine are the keys to longevity and wellness. Keeping focused on the goals of being fit will result in endurance a good quality of everyday existence.

One is never too old to lift weights. Weightlifting facilitates the strengthening of the bones and muscles. Lifting dumbbells at least twice weekly for not less than twenty minutes will definitely increase one’s physical powers.

Cardiovascular exercises are essential to improve blood circulation. One can bike, jog, run, walk or swim to reduce risks of heart disease and high blood pressure. Bad cholesterol is decreased or eliminated when one does cardiovascular programs.

Another workout that will raise one’s fitness level is doing H.I.T, high intensity training. These are exercises done in spurts of speed in between short breaks. The faster one can do a routine, the better it is for the body’s overall condition.

Age should not be the only reason to live healthy. Aging must not be a season to fret about, but a time to celebrate the fruits of wellness. Engaging into any kind of fitness program early in life will surely blossom into years of flexibility, strength and vigor. Since aging cannot be avoided, its negative effects can be minimized through proper diet and steady physical movements. Getting older is not an excuse to live life recklessly.