The Three Fundamental Habits Of Bodybuilding

Successful bodybuilding relies on three basic things: physical techniques, mental mindset and nutrition. All three are inexorably intertwined and vitally important. Many enthusiastic individuals concentrate solely on the physical activities, but in doing so they are somewhat selling themselves short.

Mental techniques are very important as they are the key ensuring that one consistently acts toward the intended target.  They consist of having a positive attitude to bodybuilding, consistently visualizing the goal and maintaining general mental agility. Effectively, one must be mentally prepared for success. Positivity means that you maintain focus and enthusiasm, even when you don’t feel like it. Visualization gives the mind a powerful image to work towards, while research means that you are doing the right things –

Nutrition is important as your body needs the right amount and types of fuel in order to help it reach its potential. Intense workouts use up a lot of calories so the body must have an adequate and sufficient caloric intake.  At the same time, it requires large amounts of complex carbohydrates and proteins as nutrients for muscle repair and growth. Popular carbs include pasta and rice, while protein includes egg whites, chicken, fish and supplementary powders.

In terms of actual physical exercises, an efficient bodybuilding routine should revolve around the three basic core exercises: dead lifts, squats and bench press. They are the best ways to get the most out of every session. For each exercise aim to do three sets of around twelve reps. You should complete the first two sets without trouble, but for the third set your muscles should “fail” due to fatigue before completion. If they don’t fatigue, go up to the next weight on your next workout.

Linked to physical workouts, but often completely overlooked, is the importance of rest and recovery time. Even though you may be enthusiastic and pumped up to go to the gym and work the same muscles every day, this is actually counter-productive. For muscles to grow, they need time to rest and repair. Getting adequate amounts of sleep is also integral to this. Really,  going to the gym 4-5 days per week should be enough — just don’t use rest days as an excuse to fall out of the habit of going!

Overall, to ensure your long-term bodybuilding success with the gains you desire, always pay close attention to having an excellent mindset and diet. What goes in comes out the same in terms of both body and mind!