3 Less Common But Effective Bodybuilding Foods

Successful bodybuilding is reliant on proper balanced nutrition just as much as on actual exercises. The basics of muscle growth and mass building require consumption of the right types and amount of calories as well as subsequently efficiently burning them off. Your body needs fuel to help it work effectively.  Complex carbohydrates and protein are particularly important. Pasta or rice fill the carb gap, while protein supply commonly comes from chicken, fish, egg whites and supplementary powders.

As well as the above, a bodybuilder’s diet can be varied with some less commonly used foods that can help you achieve your gains just as much. The following three are particularly good choices for adding some variety.

Beef Liver

Some sources say that beef liver is the greatest protein supplier on an ounce to ounce basis. So as far as body fuel goes, it is a brilliant choice for bodybuilding protein. However, as well as protein, it also provides energy and efficient metabolism via important nutrients like iron, creatine and B vitamins. Also, unlike beef itself, beef liver also contains carbs as well as less fat.  So beef liver is an extremely powerful and effective food for bodybuilders – http://www.ncrtec.org/buy-sustanon-250-pills-online/.


Bodybuilders often focus on broccoli and spinach when it comes to green vegetables. However, asparagus is another great food to add to an effective diet. It is a natural diuretic which means that it can be relied upon when trying to get rid of subcutaneous water. Often, a successful bodybuilder will eat little else when training for an imminent competition. It therefore makes sense to consider it to add variety to your own diet.


Raw onions provide a powerful antioxidant called quercetin. Intense training can often cause a buildup of damaging free radicals. Antioxidants like quercetin are effective in preventing such damage as muscle tissue inflammation. So consider eating raw onions after exercising to help prevent muscle flare ups and aid muscle recovery.

Overall, effective bodybuilding requires having a well thought out and planned diet as well as fitness workout. So, as well as including the staple protein suppliers like chicken and fish and rice and pasta for carbs, consider consuming asparagus, beef liver and raw onions to provide that extra boost and variety to your routine. The last thing you want is to undermine your physical effort and discipline because you get bored of your meals and get tempted to eat damaging garbage!