Crossover To Cross Training For Great Fitness

You are deep into fitness and exercise. It’s almost 3 months you are following a regular schedule of going to the gymnasium and doing cardio and weight training. Your health has improved a bit, but now boredom has set in with the same routine day over. You are not feeling that raring to go moment for doing exercise today. You feel saturated and the lack the motivation to continue. What is happening? It is a very normal reaction that we humans tend to get bored with doing repetitive jobs day in and day out. What you need is a change in routine. Cross over to cross training and see how your fitness levels and confidence change for the better –

What is cross training fitness? It is basically two or more exercise activities performed one after the other in the same workout session or alternating between exercise types every successive day. Choice of exercise is very important. Enjoyment, excitement, and sticking to a routine is necessary during fitness exercises, and base your choice on that. Cross training works in two ways. One way is to exercise only one part of our body.  One example is bicycling and running which exercise and strengthen the muscles of the legs. The other is to do exercises that work on different areas of our body. An example here is to alternate between aerobics and swimming and hence work on different muscles of the body. This is an example of whole body conditioning routine.

Planning is key in cross training fitness. Cross training exercises are divided into four major groups. You need to make sure that the exercises are distributed across groups and not concentrating on one. The first is an aerobic activity which includes running, walking, swimming, biking, cross-country skiing, rowing, and canoeing. Here the endurance levels and cardiovascular health improve. Next is strength training and it has weightlifting and other muscle-building exercises. Third is leisure activities like golf, gardening, bowling which basically give a break from strenuous routine. The fourth is sports which include football, volleyball, hockey, basketball, and tennis. The benefit of this group in cross training is enjoyment with vigorous exercise.

In cross training move into new activities gradually. Remember to warm up and keep the workout duration short initially to get the tendons and muscles adjusted to a new routine. Use the best and the right gear. Exercise intensity should be alternated from slow and long, to short and vigorous. Do not repeat high impact exercises in a row. The body needs recovery and plan to have rest days in between the routine. Cross training is a big hit in fitness exercises today. It challenges your body to new levels of workouts and improves fitness at the same time. Don’t wait or stop exercise. Cross over to cross training for great fitness.