Bodybuilding Tips For Beginners

If you want to improve your physique, but have never tried bodybuilding before, it is important to approach things in the right way. Although you can build muscle by working out at home, it is better to join a gym if possible. A proper gym will have a greater selection of weights and exercise machines, which will allow you to progress quicker.

Before your workout session, make sure that you warm up thoroughly. When you lift weights it puts a strain on your muscles, so you can avoid injuring yourself by loosening up your body prior to training. Also, keep yourself hydrated throughout your workout by drinking plenty of water –

When you start bodybuilding, your initial goal should be to build up more muscle mass in each of the main muscle groups. To do this, you should stick to the basic exercises and do three to five sets of ten repetitions (reps). If you have a slim body type, you can do less sets and reps, however if you have a thicker set physique, you will benefit from a higher intensity workout.

It is best to split your workouts up, so you train your thighs, calves and triceps one day, your shoulders and upper back another day, and your chest, biceps and lower back the final day. This enables you to focus on different muscle groups individually, which produces better results. To begin with, just stick to three workouts per week to give your body plenty of time to recover. There’s nothing worse than overtraining and damaging your muscles, which can happen if you put your body under too much stress too soon.

Away from the gym, try to eat high protein foods to give your muscles the fuel they need to grow. The best foods to eat are chicken, fish, eggs, pulses, wholegrains, bananas and lots of leafy green vegetables. Consider investing in a protein shake to consume after workouts, which will give your muscles an added boost of protein at a crucial time.

If possible, try to train with someone else. It is always easier to stay motivated if you have someone to go to the gym with. You can both spur each other on, and it is less likely that you will miss training sessions if you know someone else is relying on you.

Take heed of the above advice, and you will be several steps closer to achieving your dream body in no time at all.