Fitness: Do It Right

Fitness, as is the common belief, is not just a small waist or toned legs. No, it is much more than that. To be truly “fit”, a person has to be in the best of states- both physically as well as mentally. The secret to true fitness is happiness and satisfaction with yourself.

Eating healthy food, regularly exercising, meditating and even laughing are just some of the recipes that lead to fitness. In today’s world, “physical fitness” has become a fad, rather than a necessity. Women want to have a tiny waist, and toned legs and arms while men want a muscled up body. However, what we should look for is the physiological as well as psychological components that make up this term, and pursue that.

The first step towards a truly fit mind and body is evaluation and introspection.  Look into yourself to know what makes you tick, what your daily habits and schedules look like and if they are good for you. Lowering your cholesterol levels or blood pressure is not possible overnight, but knowing what to aim at is half the battle won. Cut back on that cheesy sandwich you eat everyday for lunch and increase the fiber content of your diet, cut back on the soda, maybe make yourself walk a little more in the evenings. Meditate or maybe join a beginner’s yoga class. Slow but steady improvements will lead to a better and fitter you. The key is to remember not to do too much too fast. However, it is also imperative to keep moving forward, be it only one habit at a time –

Eating healthy is one such thing that people generally take for granted, but is rarely a habit they practice. Too much work or stress may lead to either overeating or starving yourselves, both of which are not healthy. Dehydration is also one of the most common bad habits that make us unfit. On an average, a person needs to drink at least 4-5 liters of water. However, very rarely is it that we drink a whole bottle of water throughout the day.

Another recipe to fitness is exercise. This does not mean that one has to put themselves through strenuous exercise three times a day until they look exactly like a cover page model. It means deciding what to aim for, something that is realistic and actually healthy instead of just slim. It means regular exercise that targets all your muscles and gives you that healthy, happy glow. It also means regular check-ups at the doctor’s to monitor your fitness.

The most important thing to be remembered here is that to be fit, one needs to be happy with themselves. That happiness is the one thing that only you can bring from within.